Week 11 Student Interview: Elizabeth Banuelos

This week, I met with Elizabeth Banuelos. She is  3rd year at CSULB and a kineseology major. As I expected from her major, she wants to be a physical therapist after she graduates from graduate school. She also wants to get her graduate degree at CSULB. She does consider herself artisitc for she took seven years of art classes. Even though she stopped due to college, she wishes to continue her talents in the future. She even wishes to venture out into different fields of art, like theater. Her hobbies include volleyball and painting. She is the middle child in her family and has a cousin that lives with her, She says that being a middle child is a good and bad thing. She is the only girl in her family so she doesn’t feel ignored. I asked her for any advice for a first year student and her tips were:

1. be organized

2. don’t be afraid to experience new things

3. you are still young, so the time to explore is now

Thank you for your interview Elizabeth!