Week 15 Student Interview: Diana Vasquez

I met my classmate, Diana Vasquez, today. Diana is originally from Buena Park. She is a first year like me and a film major. However, she is going to change her major to business. She isn’t sure what type of business she wants to get into, but she is leaning towards management. Diana does not consider herself artistic in fine arts, but she did use to play the guitar. However, she stopped because she did not like her guitar teacher very much. She would like to pick up the drums someday. She is also into photography as a hobby, and she likes to take pictures in her spare time. Her favorite art piece that she has seen this semester was in week 4. She doesn’t remember the name of it, but she remembers she likes it because the artist sculpted whatever came to his mind, so it was very random and free. I also like that kind of art where it is free and messy. Thank you for the interview Diana!