Week 10 Activity: Landscapes

This week, I created a scene where a person eats so much junk food so fast, that she dies. I created the scene by having my roommate lay down on the floor pretending to be dead with an oreo in her mouth. I scattered all my junk food around her. It is meant to be comical even though it is about death. At least she died happy!


Week 10 Artist Interview: Marie Thibeault

This week a painting caught my eye. It didn’t have a name for it so it was “untitled.” However, since it was a whole bunch of paintings that looked similar, it belonged to a group of paintings called “Trepidation.” This is because the paintings were a bunch of shapes overlapping each other without any space between them. This type of trepidation is for people that are bothered by enclose spaces and need lots of room mentally, and physically. Marie Thibeault made sure to include no empty spaces. It represents claustrophobia and discomfort.

Week 10 Student Interview: Irene Shin

This week I met with a classmate of mine named Irene Shin. She is a first year here at CSULB just like me. She commutes because she is from the town of Cypress, which is close by here. She is a pre nursing major and hope to become a nurse after she graduates from CSULB. However, she knows the nursing program here is extremely difficult to get into, so her back up plan is to become a criminal justice major if she doesn’t get accepted into the nursing program here at CSULB.

About her personal life, she has one younger brother, a TV show she likes is The Walking Dead, and she plays the clarinet.

Before coming to CSULB, her first choice school was UCLA, but because of her rejection, she came to this fabulous school instead.

It was nice talking to you Irene!

Week 9 Student Interview: Amir Kiani

This week, I met a student in my class named Amir Kiani. He seemed really chill, so I interviewed him. He is a 3rd year here at CSULB and is majoring in computer science. He has been at CSULB fro the past three years! I asked him why he wanted to major in computer science and he told me that he did it because he knew he would have a stable job after he graduated if he majored in it. And it would get him a lot of money. I like how he knows the reality of the world and how we should do what we need to do to survive in this economy.

I also asked him if he considered himself artistic and he said VERY. The reason for this is because he produced music and is very skilled at playing the piano. He is currently workig on joining a band and is currently working on mixing hip hop and EDM beats. Other than music, he says he is not very artistic in the drawing/painting kind of art. He said he would be a music major if it guaranteed him a lot of money, but it was just too risky for him to take that path. Nice talking to you Amir!

Week 9 Artist Interview: Myra Flores

Myra Flores’ art piece is called The Last of the Famous International Playboys. It was a sculpture of a man’s head that is considered handsome with bunny ears and a bow tie on it. This was to send a very powerful message. It is showing how it is depicting men in a “playful” with the bunny ears and bow tie and how strange it looks. But in reality, women are depicted like this all the time, especially in playboy magazines. It is saying how strange it looks on men, so it should look strange on women too. However, society has made it look so normal for women to be depicted this way when it shouldn’t be this way. This is an art piece with a strong message.

Week 8 Student Interview: Lia Giordano

I met with my classmate, Lia Giordano this week. She is a senior here at CSULB and only lives 10 minutes away from this school. She has been at CSULB for 4 years! Her major is journalism public relations. I asked her if she would want to be a write after graduation, but she said no. She would like to do something with writing, but she mainly wants to work in the fashion industry. After she graduates, she would like to get a job right away instead of getting a master’s degree.

When we talked about the art piece by Nora Ayala, we talked about what it meant and the meaning of it. We both agreed that it was a giant brain with many thought bubbles about the negative thoughts that a person would not have the courage to say to anyone out loud. Lia thought it was like a giant brain storming page for an essay. It was both our favorite art piece that day. It was nice meeting you Lia!

Week 8 Artist Interview: Nora Ayala

This week, I came across an art piece in the gallery that had a very powerful message. At first, when I looked at it it looked very messy and confusing, but then I took some time to actually read everything and it was very impressive. This is what It looked like:

It was a huge poster that had a bunch of thought bubbles filled with thoughts and worries about someone who was coming out with their sexuality. There was also a few thought bubbles about the daily worries in everybody’s life. I thought it was a very powerful poster because it showed everything that a person would be too afraid to say to anyone out loud. When I spoke with the artist, she said she was a print major and wanted to create something big with a big meaning. She thought about doing something in a bullet point format to organize thoughts, which led her to creating this great thought bubble poster. It took her a month to finish the project! Something really cute was that she included her dog on the poster.

Keep up the good art Nora! 🙂

Week 8: ePortfolio

This week, I made some changes to my art blog. This is how it was like before:

Screenshot (16) Screenshot (17)

I wanted to add some water to it because I like swimming, so I added water to the background. I also took away the unnecessary options on the side which were hard to read anyways. I also changed my header to actually have my name so that people would know that it is my blog. It also says it is my super awesome blog now!

Screenshot (20)

Week 7 Artist Interview: Kenita Hale

The art I am posting I am posting here is my Kenita Hale. I was honestly pretty freaked out by this because it was sort of dark and the candles reminded me of Halloween. But it was sort of a ritual for the dead.

img_20141009_113108 imag2473


I liked how the candles were individually lit and how the masks made you creeped out. It’s creepy but cool at the same time. I didn’t get to meet the artist but I would think her art piece is to respect the dead with these tables full of candles, pictures, and masks.

Week 7 Activity: Painting

This week for my project, I painted my name in graffiti bubble letters. I was a bit nervous doing this project because I wasn’t that good at writing bubble letters, but I think I did a solid job on the rough draft.

20141011_113149 20141011_103825

I decided to use the colored one because I thought it looked the cutest. Next I did the final draft with actual paint. It took me a while to sketch the bubble letters again but once i finished that part, i got to the more fun part:the actual painting. I wa pretty satisfied with the turnout.