Week 9 Student Interview: Amir Kiani

This week, I met a student in my class named Amir Kiani. He seemed really chill, so I interviewed him. He is a 3rd year here at CSULB and is majoring in computer science. He has been at CSULB fro the past three years! I asked him why he wanted to major in computer science and he told me that he did it because he knew he would have a stable job after he graduated if he majored in it. And it would get him a lot of money. I like how he knows the reality of the world and how we should do what we need to do to survive in this economy.

I also asked him if he considered himself artistic and he said VERY. The reason for this is because he produced music and is very skilled at playing the piano. He is currently workig on joining a band and is currently working on mixing hip hop and EDM beats. Other than music, he says he is not very artistic in the drawing/painting kind of art. He said he would be a music major if it guaranteed him a lot of money, but it was just too risky for him to take that path. Nice talking to you Amir!


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