Week 8 Student Interview: Lia Giordano

I met with my classmate, Lia Giordano this week. She is a senior here at CSULB and only lives 10 minutes away from this school. She has been at CSULB for 4 years! Her major is journalism public relations. I asked her if she would want to be a write after graduation, but she said no. She would like to do something with writing, but she mainly wants to work in the fashion industry. After she graduates, she would like to get a job right away instead of getting a master’s degree.

When we talked about the art piece by Nora Ayala, we talked about what it meant and the meaning of it. We both agreed that it was a giant brain with many thought bubbles about the negative thoughts that a person would not have the courage to say to anyone out loud. Lia thought it was like a giant brain storming page for an essay. It was both our favorite art piece that day. It was nice meeting you Lia!


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