Week 8 Artist Interview: Nora Ayala

This week, I came across an art piece in the gallery that had a very powerful message. At first, when I looked at it it looked very messy and confusing, but then I took some time to actually read everything and it was very impressive. This is what It looked like:

It was a huge poster that had a bunch of thought bubbles filled with thoughts and worries about someone who was coming out with their sexuality. There was also a few thought bubbles about the daily worries in everybody’s life. I thought it was a very powerful poster because it showed everything that a person would be too afraid to say to anyone out loud. When I spoke with the artist, she said she was a print major and wanted to create something big with a big meaning. She thought about doing something in a bullet point format to organize thoughts, which led her to creating this great thought bubble poster. It took her a month to finish the project! Something really cute was that she included her dog on the poster.

Keep up the good art Nora! šŸ™‚


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