Week 6 Student Interview: Jerome Guzman

In this 6th week of school, I met a student named Jerome Guzman. Jerome is a 1st year just like me! He is a pre-nursing major and is from the wonderful city of Long Beach, so he commutes to school. He attended Long Beach Poly before he came here for college. More about his life at home: he is the middle child of three boys. Because of that, he considers himself more independent. When I asked him if he considered himself an artist, he told me that he likes drawing but he does not consider himself artistic. He also likes music, but he wished he was more musically talented. I told him to keep practicing music and drawing and maybe his wishes will come true! However, he did mention that he was skilled in basketball and surfing! After talking a little more about ourselves, we discussed the art in the galleries. The art piece with a body covered in snow was interesting to us.

Jerome thought it was a guy chilling in the snow because it is too hot in California, so he found a cold spot to lay in.

For the art piece with the antelope, Jerome called it his “homie” because it looked cool with the clothes it was wearing.

For this sculpture, he thinks it is either the world split in half because the worlds is going in chaos or it is just a soccer ball cut in half.

We had a few laughs on how we explained what the art meant, so it was fun. Good Luck Jerome!


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