Week 6 Artist Interview: Isiah Ulloa

I had the chance to meet one of the artist for this week, Isiah Ulloa. It was interesting how he told us student how he was so inspired by modern technology and that he had to take full advantage of it to create art. This mainly included 3D printing and scanning for him. For example, his art piece of he man covered in snow was created using a body scanner. All he had to do was lay down for the machine to scan his body, and the machine cut out his body shape for him. It sounded so amazing!

Mr. Ulloa also mentioned how is is pretty into weird facial art. This explains this art piece:

This was also made with a  3D printer.I looks a lot cooler in real life I swear.

I thought his art was very different and unique compare to the past art pieces I have encountered. I look forward to seeing more art by him!


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