Week 5 Activity: Counterfactual Identity

On an ordinary day, I would usually wear shorts and a T-shirt. But for this assignment, I decided to be out of the ordinary and wear a blue army print robe. I thiought that would be the craziest. So I walked out of my dorm room and outside my dorms. I spotted a girl that lived in my building and she looked at me funny. I’m pretty sure she was thinking. “Why is she wearing a bathrobe outside the dorms? Did she get locked out of her room?” It was pretty embarrassing until I asked her what major she thought I was. She told me she thought I was a chemistry major because chemists wear robes too. The reaction on her face was funny when we were talking. I also asked her what she thought my name was and she said ” Sarah.” I don’t know where she got that….But the whole time, she seemed really awkward and uncomfortable. I finally left because of this, but before i managed to get her to smile for the camera for me!

This is my outfit after:


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