Week 5 Student Conversation: Christine Trinh

This week, I had my conversation with a girl named Christine Trinh. She is a first year here at CSULB and she is an accounting major. She is from Garden Grove which is very close to our school, therefore, she commutes to school. While we walked through the exhibit together, she seemed very creeped out by the art pieces. I had to agree with her that the art pieces were creepy indeed.

This is the two of us looking at an art piece that is a picture of a bunch of condoms tied together and blown up. We thought it was very strange. We both thought it was Christmas ornaments at first, but when we looked closer, we realized that they were condoms. A very strange painting indeed. However, Christine added that this picture told us that you can make art out of any object, no matter how strange the object is. Good observation Christine!


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