Week 4 Artist Conversation: Maccabee Shelley

I had a chance to talk with this week’s artist, Maccabee Shelley. This artist is one of the most creative artists I have met. He uses glass to create art that represents ourselves. For example, He melted glass into molds with sugary products that we eat everyday.


In this piece, he molded popsicle makers out of glass. He also took soda bottles and melted them into random shapes. He even left out candy for us to eat! He told me that we eat and drink sugar so much, that he just wanted to make it into art.


This artist is inspired by geology and has aways been interested in glazes. When he got started, he was just messing with small amount of glass. Melting, crushing, etc. Then he began to increase the amount of glass he was messing with and realized that it was art that he was creating! One tiny experiment can inspire a whole art piece. He knows that he has a whole range on how much he wants to melt the glass, which leads to many possibilities.

I think it’s amazing how you can turn something we use in everyday life like glass and turn it into something so beautiful. I hope Mr. Maccabee Shelley continues his work a for a long time. 🙂


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