Week 3 Artist Interview 9/11/14: Vav Vavrek

Vav Vavrek’s art was mind blowing. The art piece took up an entire room! It was like walking through a Halloween maze (minus the scary ghosts and monsters). It consisted old technology pieces stacked, or scattered into what I would say a mess. My opinion on the meaning behind this art piece is that technology these days is evolving so fast that we are so quick to throw away the devices that we consider old. For example, now that the new iphone 6 has come out, many people are going to throw away their iphone 5 and create a lot of waste. The waste adds up and creates a mess on this planet. I think the mess in the gallery was a representation of this idea. There were old TVs, computers, VCR tapes, keyboards, etc. scattered everywhere.

“through the frantic Tandy creaminess the viewer is left with a summary of the darkness of our culture i draw upon electronic waste, consumer culture, and vintage pop culture to create new meanings ” -Vav Vavrek

Based on this quote by Vav Vavrek, I believe his meaning behind this art piece is what I just decribed.


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