Week 2 Activity: Instagram

Post by jcouchart

Like Me, I like taking pictures of my food. This is because I think food is really pretty when it’s presented well. It’s like edible art. I think that taking pictures of your food is becoming a trend in society today because of this. It doesn’t surprise me at all when a classmate posts a picture of of food on instagram because of this fabulous trend.

Post by shivam_art110

In this post, I see a classmate visiting and spending time with family. I can relate to this because ever since I have been at this school, I have been missing home and my family, and it would be great if I can spend time with them just like he is spending time with his niece.

Post by jonadong

This post of his pet making a mess is literally what I take pictures of all the time. I have a chihuahua and when ever he makes a mess or does something interesting, I take a picture of it and put it on my Snapchat. Even thought our pets make a mess, we find it cute and can’t stay mad at our pets. Let’s be real now.


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