Week 2 Classmate Interview 9/4/14: Andy Wagner

I met a student who is a senior here at CSULB who is also from Long Beach. His name is Andy Wagner and he is on his last semester and will graduate after it. He is a geography major. The reason for this is because he enjoys hands on work instead of working in an office all day, so he plans to go into work that includes soil sampling and that sort of stuff. Most people thing studying geography will most likely land you a job in teaching, but that is not the case! Geography is a broad major that gives you the freedom for a lot of occupations. After he graduates, he good wished to move to either Oregon or Washington to work and find a job with his degree.

Since he is a Senior here at CSULB, I asked Andy if he had any advise for a naive Freshman like me. The main thing he emphasized over and over again was to GO TO CLASS. Actually attending the class is half the battle and by just attending the class, you can receive a C, according to Andy. He also mentioned that professors at CSULB love it when students visit them during their office hours. I was so glad to hear that for my teachers in high school were a bit lazy and were sometimes too tired to ask questions thoroughly. I am thankful to have met a student that was experienced that could help me with my 2nd week in Long Beach.

After he gave me some advise about college, I asked him what he liked about art. Like me, he also likes art pieces that sends powerful messages. Art was his hobby when he was younger. He would carry a sketchbook around and doodle/sketch. That is already way more artistic than I have been LOL.

It was nice to meet someone who was more experienced with college because I like seeing other perspectives in different types of students. Being the new and scared Freshman I was, I’m not so scared anymore now that Andy has given me some advise on how to enjoy and live at CSULB. Thank You Andy!

Andy wishes to have a job that involves hands on work, such as Soil Sampling.


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