Week 2 Artist Interview 9/4/14: Kimberly Zumpfe

This art piece is called Step 7 by Kimberly Zumpfe. I believe she created it to view a different perception on something we usually don’t pay attention to in our daily lives. Everyday, we watch sidewalks as we walk on them. Kimberly brought the sidewalk to watch US this time. Now it is just a sidewalk that ends and leads to nowhere. There was a time when Kimberly had seen it everyday while growing up, but now its “life has ended” and is just watching us now.

I think an art piece like this will make us appreciate our surroundings in our everyday lives more. Even if it’s just a sidewalk or the flowers in your yard, we should appreciate why it;s there in the first place. Sidewalks provide a place for you to walk so you won;t get run over by cars. Flowers are beautiful to look at and smell nice, and etc. Be aware of your surroundings and appreciate it.


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