Week 1 Classmate Interview 8/28/14: Jasmine Hooper

I met Jasmine Hooper and asked her about her first time at CSULB. She is a first year student and a mechanical engineering major. Even though she is not living on campus, she finds CSULB very welcoming. Her favorite piece of artwork in the exhibits was the art piece  by April Bey.

10589642_812607452094779_1415251396_n 10637777_812607418761449_608075775_n


She liked it because it included pop culture and a little of mainstream society. She thought it was nice and straight forward. This is because it shows what the majority of society knows but may not show. For example, the majority of society respects Beyonce as a singer and artist and thinks Miley Cyrus has become “trashy.” Even thought these things are true, the artist made sure to just embrace these facts and turn them into positive opinions. Even if you think Miley Cyrus is trashy, you can also think she pulls off a trashy look very well on stage. PERSPECTIVE! This is Jasmine’s opinion on this artist’s work and I COMPLETELY agree with her.




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