Week 1 Artist Interview 8/28/14: Anna Knetch Swarzer

Anna photographed a woman with drawings of arrows on her body. Each arrow represents a recording of a rape in the US over the course of one day. The last picture shows the woman covered in so many black arrows you can’t even tell that they’re arrows anymore! Her piece of art sends a powerful message too it’s viewers. This artist made sure to put the arrows on the woman’s bare body to make the message more powerful by showing viewers that a woman doesn’t want her body disrupted by other people. Being raped is like having your body stained like the woman’s body in the photos. Also, the art piece has 24 photos for each hour of the day. This is to show that at every moment and hour, someone is being raped and the amount escalates quickly. She wanted to show how crime and gendered violence is a problem in our society today. What a powerful message!


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