Week 15 Artist Interview: Hyeri Kim

This week, I was amazed by art by Hyeri Kim.


It was like I was in a fancy jewelry store. Hyeri Kim had her artpiece represent the idea of falling in love. However, she was inspired by her relationship with God instead of an ordinary relationship. She believes that building a relationship with the person you love is like building a relationship with God. You first get to know the person and then you become really close to them. She believes her art pieces represent her relationship with God.  That is why her art pieces are so delicate and elegant, It describes her delicate relationship with God. I loved how it represented something so deep. Loved this art exhibit this week! đŸ™‚


Week 15 Student Interview: Diana Vasquez

I met my classmate, Diana Vasquez, today. Diana is originally from Buena Park. She is a first year like me and a film major. However, she is going to change her major to business. She isn’t sure what type of business she wants to get into, but she is leaning towards management. Diana does not consider herself artistic in fine arts, but she did use to play the guitar. However, she stopped because she did not like her guitar teacher very much. She would like to pick up the drums someday. She is also into photography as a hobby, and she likes to take pictures in her spare time. Her favorite art piece that she has seen this semester was in week 4. She doesn’t remember the name of it, but she remembers she likes it because the artist sculpted whatever came to his mind, so it was very random and free. I also like that kind of art where it is free and messy. Thank you for the interview Diana!

Week 13 Artist Interview: Francisco Palormares

This week, I spotted a very colorful painting that I found very beautiful. It was a painting of multiple airplanes swirling around a person falling from the sky, only the sky was filled with beautiful colors. I thought it was interesting because even though it is supposed to be a disastrous scenario where a person is falling through the sky, it looks beautiful and calming due to the colors and gracefulness. This painting was painted by acrylic paint on a canvas which I think is impressive to only use one type of paint for your whole art piece. I think this painting was meant to be more beautiful rather than a disastrous event.

Week 13 Student Interview: Eric Yanagihara

This week I met with a classmate named Eric.He is a 3rd year here at CSULB and transferred her from El Camino College. He is studying Physical Geography, which is more of the study of physical Earth and how it is analyzed. I was surprised to find out that Eric was 29 years old because he looked so young. He does consider himself artistic because he is very into photography. He is still practicing, but hope to become a pro someday. He also used to play the electric bass in a band, but is taking a break now because of school. His sports include basketball and soccer, both playing and watching. His favorite art piece this year is the snow sculpture with a man laying on it. I also found it extremely interesting. It was nice talking to you Eric!

Week 12 Activity: Teaching Photoshop

How to Turn Someone Into a Vampire

Start out Photo:

1) use the magic wand too to select her eyes and change the color to red by choosing the color the color balance option

Screenshot (28)

2) Next use the magic wand tool to select her skin on her face/shoulders. Use the hue/saturation option to darken her skin to make her look more pale.

Screenshot (29)

3) Draw in some vampire teeth using the brush tool and you’re done!

Photo Retouch After

Week 12 Artist Interview: Timothy Cooper

A very interesting art piece caught my eye this week. It was a bunch of white fine china plates arranged on the floor to shape a plus sign. Timothy Cooper used a whole bunch of plates in order to symbolize that with team work and many contributors, we can make a positive difference in this world. Even if they are just plates, he believes that all objects in this world can positively contribute to this world. I 100$ agree with him. đŸ™‚

Week 12 Student Interview: Parker Mandujano

I met with fellow classmate Parker Mandujano this week. He is a first year like me and is droming at parkside college. He is originally from Riverside, which is not too far away. He is undeclared with his major. However, he is thinking about having his major be sports marketing or exercise science. This is because he is very into the sports industry. His hobbies include basketball and soccer, which are the sports that made him interested in the sports industry. He also is thinking about being a physical therapist if he does become an exercise science major.

Parker does not consider himself artistic in the fine arts category, but he does like making short films and loves watching movies. I wish you luck on your journey, Parker!

Week 11 Artist Interview: Yu Ji

This week, I saw a portrait that caught my eye. It’s called Portrait of Victor. It was completely done with charcoal which I found amazing.

It is a very simple portrait of him just sitting there, but the detail is astounding. IT was done with a live model, so I love how I can imagine the actual real person sitting there being the model. What I think is the most amazing about this portrait is that the artist only used charcoal for the whole thing. just one tool can make such beautiful art.

Week 11 Student Interview: Elizabeth Banuelos

This week, I met with Elizabeth Banuelos. She is  3rd year at CSULB and a kineseology major. As I expected from her major, she wants to be a physical therapist after she graduates from graduate school. She also wants to get her graduate degree at CSULB. She does consider herself artisitc for she took seven years of art classes. Even though she stopped due to college, she wishes to continue her talents in the future. She even wishes to venture out into different fields of art, like theater. Her hobbies include volleyball and painting. She is the middle child in her family and has a cousin that lives with her, She says that being a middle child is a good and bad thing. She is the only girl in her family so she doesn’t feel ignored. I asked her for any advice for a first year student and her tips were:

1. be organized

2. don’t be afraid to experience new things

3. you are still young, so the time to explore is now

Thank you for your interview Elizabeth!